Owner Hears Boxer Barking Outside. Hits “Record” As Soon As He Gets To The Door!

Everyone has that something that they’re scared of. It can be an animal that gives you the chills, scary movies, or something a little bit creepier like walking past a graveyard in the middle of the night (yes, this doesn’t just happen in movies). Whatever the case may be, we’re all afraid of something.

In my case, I’m scared of roller coasters. I’ve made the mistake of waiting in long lines, talked myself into getting into the cart, getting strapped in and finding myself going up that high track. It’s when I’ve gotten right to the top that I was terrorized. I looked down and started screaming at the thought of falling hundreds of feet down, and I’ve attempted to get the worker’s attention to see if he can help me off. It didn’t happen.

So, just like roller coasters send me into a frantic frenzy, the dog in the video below kind of has the same thing happen to him. The only difference between him and I is that he’s afraid of something that’s a lot smaller in size than him, nothing that requires rolling down a steep, metal slope, and it’s utterly lifeless. This boxer is afraid of a leaf.

If you know the boxer breed well, then you understand that these guys can be silly. They do some of the funniest things, and it comes as a surprise given their tough looks and big size. But, nonetheless, they’re one of the breeds that can definitely keep their owners entertained.

Leonardo the boxer is barking loudly in the clip below. He’s moving around, quick and uneasy, while he’s trying to size up the thing that’s causing the potential threat. This “thing” is nothing more than a small leaf that’s sitting on the ledge. It’s harmless, doesn’t even move, and definitely can’t fight back against Leonardo’s loud barks. In the boxer’s defense, the poor guy doesn’t know that a leaf will cause no harm.

His owner said, “My boxer, Leonardo, was barking. Went to go look and found out he was scared by a leaf.” Now, that’s a funny encounter between a dog and a piece of nature.

What are some of the funny boxer behaviors you’ve seen? We’d love to read about them in the comments below!

In the meantime, watch as Leonardo takes on Mr. Leaf in this head-to-head battle. Who do you think wins?

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